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Mother Clucker Tea Towel

Well Mother Clucker....if you need an edgy tea you go.  It's one of our top sellers. 

These “tea towels” or “flour sack kitchen towels” are great for the kitchen.  You can hang them on your stove or refrigerator to look decorative, but they also are great "cup towels" to clean up messes in your kitchen..  The flour sack towel history links back to flour sacks used in mills in the 1930's. They are 100% premium cotton flour sack towels.  They are oversized and make wonderful gifts.

A little history....

When women noticed that one of their food staples — flour — came in cotton sacks. Innovative and desperate, they often emptied the sacks and used the fabric to make clothing for their children and to make tea towels.

When flour sack manufacturers caught word of the trend, they decided to reinvent the way they packed their flour — and the results were remarkable back then.  

My mom wore many, many flour sack dresses.  She would get to choose her pattern from the flour sack and then my grandmother would make her a dress.  She would have to take turns with her sister for her next flour sack material dress.  Of course they would have to wait on my grandmother to use up all the flour from the sack by baking biscuits, pastries and cakes before they could purchase another large flour sack for the next dress.  The designs on the flour sacs were colorful and beautiful.

This tea towel measures 24"x38"